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What is Allfalfa?

Allfalfa is a forum for educational experience, for exploring our own talents and learning from original minds around the globe. It is born of the belief that lifelong learning & growth are essential to our happiness -- that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

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Our Philosophy

We are here to promote culture, curiosity, and enlightenment - and ultimately happiness. We believe that learning has almost infinite forms - and can be carried out every day throughout our lives, outside the boundaries of formal education. We exist to encourage positive human experience, learning, and interaction.

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Our teachers include over 150 brilliant individuals (and growing), with backgrounds in fine arts, languages, humanities, performing arts, music, philosophy, culinary arts, yoga and meditation, the sciences, and much more. They hail from careers as teachers and practitioners, artists and mentors, performers and professionals.

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In contrast to the mainstream sources of learning on the internet, all of our courses are 100% LIVE, meaning you will learn via ZOOM or in-person. We believe that open minds and human connection are essential to our existence. Therefore, the diversity of ideas is our focus, and personal interaction is our medium.

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We are here to promote intellectual freedom and creative license. We are extraordinarily open minded when it comes to course ideas and "teachers", which we place in quotes because we are convinced that we ALL have something unique to share with the world.

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