This is a course in Spanish language, which will take the form dictated by the level of the student's proficiency.

I wish to stress from the outset that teaching is not merely something that I went to school for, but a profession that I was born for. Moreover, due to my explicit, pinpoint, step-by-ministep explanations, the presentation of the materials in the most logical order, the sustained intensity of the drilling, and my singular patience and perseverance, my students learn in one two-hour session what normally takes an entire week to learn in school, a fact to which they, their parents, teachers, and administrators, would be happy to attest. If you really want to learn the language, jump on board, and take advantage of a unique opportunity.

Teacher's Bio: Began to teach at the age of eight. Have been teaching professionally since 1994 --not only Spanish, but English, Latin, composition, math, and chess. Have also taught Latin at two private schools: Cambria School of Excellence in Queens, and Fusion Academy in Stamford, Connecticut.
Style of Offering : One-on-one
Date and Time : Variable. Much leeway
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance