English as a Second Language

This course is for students whose native language is other than English.

This class is a combined skills course integrating acquisition of and improving on all four skill areas of English: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Students will practice new vocabulary in writing and speaking. This class also focuses on increasing listening and reading skills and strategies with an intensive focus on vocabulary development.

Teacher's Bio: Cybil (Haitian/ French descendant) was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She loves to travel, curl up with a good book, bring out her inner child by going on the swings and can live off of chocolate, cheese and wine hands down. Cybil pursued a bachelors degree in pre-med, Chemistry and a Master's degree in Public Health thereafter. Alongside working as a public health official, Cybil has been a tutor and an instructor for grade school all the way to the university level for the past 10 years.
Style of Offering : Class is offered via Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: 8
Date and Time : Sessions are 1 hour Mondays or Wednesdays (3pm - 4pm)
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance