How Hollywood Shows That This Is A Mental World.

This is a one hour conversation that shares this core idea:

"We are in a mental world. It can be called virtual or digital. It can be compared to a screenplay. There is will and resistance or "positive" (conscious objetive) situations and "negative" (subconscious resistance) circumstances and both carry the story. And there is someone watching."

I believe in self-learning. Therefore, if you want to explore this idea you can watch by yourself movies like "The Game" (1996), "The Thirteen Floor" (1999), "World on a Wire" (1973) [this one is a German movie based on the book "Simulacron-3" (1964)], or you can watch the recent tv series WestWorld or the 1967 British tv series "The Prisoner." Or you can watch my video "Virtual God":

If you want to expand the core idea, we can talk about:

1) A MindMovie is a Mental World.
- The Kybalion was right: this is a mental world.
Recommended reading: The Kybalion. By Three Initiates.

2) We are using a technology beyond our knowledge.
- Computers, Digitally Generated Images (DGI), Artificial Intelligence (AI).
- Hollywood and the U.S. Intelligence Community
Recommended reading:

3) All Hollywood movies tell the same story.
- Give it different names but it is the same idea.
- Hollywood posters and "The Illuminati."
Recommended reading: "The Cultural Cold War: The CIA in the World of Arts and Letters" by Frances Stonor Saunders.
- "Operation Hollywood" by David L. Robb.

The conversation is in English, or Spanish if you want. Please, verify if you understand my English because I'm not a native speaker. You can watch these videos:
"Conspiracy Theory? Hollywood and the U.S. Intelligence Community":

In this conversation I adapt the development of the subjects to your knoledge and needs.

Teacher's Bio: I got a Master's degree in Social Communication and underwent studies in the History of Art at the Main National University of San Marcos of Lima (Peru). I'm the appointed curator of the Leonidas Zegarra Film Museum (Casa Museo Leonidas Zegarra) which is a work in progress. If you want to see pictures of the few things I have been doing for a decade you can go to and see the pictures or watch the videos. I taught the courses "Journalism and Disinformation" and "Thesis Workshop" at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (2015-2016) and a "Directing Actors Workshop" at the Main National University of San Marcos of Lima (Second semester 2017.)
Style of Offering : Online informal conversation on the subject. I adapt my style to your interests or learning style. So, we can share knowledge.
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Saturday 9:00 PM PET (Peru Time) UTC-5
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance