Tired of Pushing Big Gears: Gear Down & Enjoy the Ride

A course to deepen our understanding of how chronic stress can produce feelings of helplessness and loss of control in life.

By familiarizing ourselves with how sustained exposure to stress maintains helplessness, we can more effectively respond to the challenges and uncertainty of daily life. We must remember that stress only becomes unbearable when we feel incapable of modifying our lifestyles and maintaining control of our life. Altering our environment and making healthy lifestyle modifications will balance our lives, produce fulfillment and enable us to lead value driven lives from which to draw meaning and purpose.

Integrating meaningful leisure activities, strategies to be resilient, initiating a fitness program and learning healthy nutrition habits will contribute to more lasting moments of happiness and contentment.

Teacher's Bio: I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1987 and have an interdisciplinary background, enjoying the synthesis of psychology, sociology and philosophy to arrive at a science of human behavior. I have been an adjunct at University of Redlands for 27 years, teaching in the undergraduate and graduate school of business. The courses I teach include management theory, organizational behavior, strategy, business ethics and the undergraduate and graduate capstone courses. I also teach Intro. to Psychology, Biopsychology and Developmental Psychology to undergraduate students at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier. I am a preceptor to P.A. students and R.N. students at the residential care program for the mentally ill I work at to complete part of their psychiatric rotation. I have a consulting office providing corporate training. I publish literature on the American Mosaic, The Philosophical and Cultural Foundations of Heroism, Comparative World Religions, Creative Aging and How to Lead a Value Driven Life. For the last 20 years, I have been the director of Founders Outreach, a nonprofit center supporting the mentally ill through psychiatric rehabilitation programming. Lastly, I enjoy writing and have written two books and edited three books. I will refer students to my website: www.elijahlevy.com to download articles when necessary during the course. In 2007, a colleague and I filmed a documentary on schizophrenia and mental illness titled “Beyond the Shadow of Mental Illness.”
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 12
Date and Time : Tuesdays from 1:00 - 2:30 for six consecutive Tuesdays
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance