How to Advocate for Rights

This course will go through rights as defined by the United Nations, rights as defined in the Constitution, and practical application of advocating for these rights in efficient, honest, and empowering ways.

This course will take longer for some people to complete than others, that is why it is set up as one on one. I think it is important to talk about the material and really make sure that the content is understood. After all of the material is gone through, I will ask the student to explain some situations where they or someone they know has had their rights disregarded. I will help the student build a sound argument for their case. We will identify what rights have been disregarded and create an action plan with all the what-if's properly addressed.

I have done most of the writing of the material for this course, as I intend to publish it in a book. I have been a strong advocate for equality my entire life and I am happy to share everything that I have learned through my lifetime work of devotion to equality during this particularly challenging time.

I offer logic based solutions to difficult situations. This world does use people's emotional response against them, as they can become limited in how they use their brain when they are in defense mode. The goal of this course is to use my mediation and mindfulness training to help inform the open perspective that supports logic based solutions. We will practice speaking with fact based language, avoiding assumptions and avoiding fallacies to advocate for rights.

**If you can not afford the $5 for any reason, that is no problem and the fee can be waved.

Teacher's Bio: Christina Harrison has an Associates in Psychology, a BS in Biology, years of scientific research at top Institutions, close to 20 years practice in meditation and mindfulness training, years of volunteer work as a councilor and community support, and an activist advocating for the rights of others for the past 20+ years.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Ongoing
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance