The Art of Public Speaking

This course provides training and practice in basic principles of effective oral communication through participation in public speaking, group discussion, and oral reading. It emphasizes being at ease in front of, and with, a group, and developing constructive attitudes, organized thinking, proper use of voice and body, and critical listening. In this course, students will develop skills in public speaking, reasoning, critical thinking, and critical listening. This course teaches the effective use of written and spoken forms of communication.

I will be your mentor, coach, and teacher all at once. Lecture will be always followed by activities and hand on exercises that link theory to practice. In my class everyone gets to speak, everyone is heart and mistakes are much needed. We engage in intriguing discussions about just any topic- from birds' migration patterns to humanity's unsung heroes. My pedagogy is based on the Socratic method of questions and answers. We also get to write, research, and think creatively about the history of speech delivery.

Teacher's Bio: “All speaking is public speaking whether is to one person or a thousand” - Roger Love. The human being's most characteristic development is the ability to speak. Language is a gift and it is our duty to master its potential. Nothing will ever Be, where no language IS. I am so excited to dive in and tap into your hidden potential. Lets break down barriers; lets take on the myth that Public Speaking is a talent. I believe it is more a skill than a talent. The implications are significant: it means we can work through our fears and deficiencies. We can master the Art of Public Speaking. But we need each other!.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : August 10th- October 10th twice a week meeting on Zoom at either 10AM-11:30AM or 2PM-3:30PM or 5PM-6:30PM
Signup Deadline: None