Argumentation and Debate

This course is designed to teach students how to build, structure, and support arguments. Argumentation is a skilled process that emphasizes critical thinking. This course will utilize argumentation in debate, research, discussion and written assignments.

I will be your mentor, coach, and teacher all at once. Lecture will be always followed by activities and hand on exercises that link theory to practice. In my class everyone gets to speak, everyone is heart and mistake are much needed. We engage in intriguing discussions about just any topic- from birds migration patterns to our unsung heroes. My pedagogy is based on the Socratic method of questions and answers. We also get to write, reserach, and think creatively about the role of human body in speech delivery.

Teacher's Bio: For the past few years I have been preoccupied with helping my students learn how to 1) Build claims into fully developed and supported arguments 2. Understand and participate in different forms of dialog and debate 3. Analyze arguments encountered in everyday life 4. Identify faulty arguments and reasoning. I personally struggled with filtering the overload of Media and News messages, not knowing what's true and what isn't. I am here to help you navigate through an increasingly saturated world on constant uninterrupted message flow. My students at CSUN often write me messages like the following one: "Professor also makes the class entertaining by bringing up relevant topics that occur in everyday life." OR "She has not only been a positive figure all semester, but her teaching attitude and style makes it so easy to comprehend the material and procedural aspects of the class!"
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : August 10th- October 10th twice a week meeting on Zoom at either 10AM-11:30AM or 2PM-3:30PM or 5PM-6:30PM
Signup Deadline: None