Advanced Rock Climbing Anchors for Climbing Outside


This virtual course is a hands on learning experience to gain knowledge of and skills to building islands of safety in the rock climbing environment. This course is 1/1 virtual instruction, consisting of 3 sessions.

Who should take this course:

  • This course is designed for learners who have prior experience rock climbing. Preferably 1 year or more and have begun their lead climbing journey either in the gym or outside.

  • Climbers who are returning to the sport and what to brush up on skills and learn best practices

  • New climbers who are continuing their journey to climb outside

Open to adults and kids (kids may require an additional session. Evaluation will be conducted during first session).

Session one:
2 bolt anchors
Evaluation strategies to anchor construction

Session two:
Advance anchors using cordelette
Analysis of why anchors fail

Session three:
Putting it all together
Critiquing anchors
Final exam

Each session will require learners to practice between sessions. Sessions will build on previous sessions.

Teacher's Bio: I have been instructing outdoor adventures for kids and adults since 2001. Ive been rock climbing since 1999. In 2014 I began my professional rock climbing journey and have been mentoring and instruction since. Indoor rock climbing instructor cert AMGA, Single pitch instructor candidate-AMGA.
Style of Offering : 1/1
Max Number of Attendees: 2
Date and Time : TBD
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance