Intro Botany Class

We will follow the standard approach for learning botany, from the cellular to the field level. I use online and my own teaching materials. You will be going outside/in the field, with or without me (if not local) to look at plants/there is an ecological component to the class. It is miraculous beyond all human description, our relationship with plants, photosynthesis. We take this for granted at our peril. You will come out of this class with your mind blown wondering why everyone else's mind isn't blown. I never lose my wonder on how it all works.

Teacher's Bio: I am a professional botanist/ecologist of three decades. My field work has taken me all over the world including fulfilling a dream to see wild Ophrys orchids in Italy. I hold a B.S. and M.S. My M.S. was concentrated in plant ecology. I have taught multiple botany classes for four and two year colleges. I have led thousands of hikes by now. I think I was a plant in a former life. My website is
Style of Offering : Online and Offline
Date and Time : TBD
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance