Live Production Lighting Design

In this course we will cover all aspects of live production lighting design across 6 different sessions. This course will be made up of brief introductions in each category. It is expected that you have a background or experience in some form of entertainment preferably on the technical side (you should know what stage left, stage right, and FOH means). I am also offering a 1 on 1 class style for people with no experience where we can start from the very beginning, and also for more advanced students where we can go much more in depth into topics of their choice. Classes will be offered via Zoom.

Session 1: History of Lighting / Introduction to Lighting

Session 2: Brief Introduction to Lighting Technology

Session 3: Introduction to Theatre Lighting

Session 4: Introduction to Dance Lighting

Session 5: Introduction to Corporate Event Lighting

Session 6: Introduction to Concert Lighting

Teacher's Bio: The teacher has over 10 years professional experience designing and managing lighting and production elements in the concert and live event industry covering music festivals, concert tours, live theatre and dance events, and corporate events.
Style of Offering : Virtual
Max Number of Attendees: 10
Date and Time : Every Wednesday at 1:30 PM MST
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance