Tai chi & Qi gong


Tai chi is a good method for reducing daily stress because it is based on meditation & tranquility, balance, and relaxation of the body. It is better than other meditation methods because it is more dynamic; health is the result of the mind, but not without the body.

Course Description

Qi Gong is composed of static or dynamic exercises associated with a normal or reverse breathing. These exercises are said to have positive impacts on many different aspects of health: reinforcement and flexibility of the body, fortification of the heart and cardiovascular, regulation of the digestive system, calming of emotions and stress management, arthritis and rheumatism, bodily functions such as breathing, immune system, sexual energy, fertility, and more.

Taiji is a great method to relax joints and postural muscles, stiff by daily situations. A correct posture and the ability to relax and strengthen the core muscles (those muscles engaged in everyday activities) will give more balance, strength and will increase wide range movements' ability. Taiji helps the oxygenation of the body and stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph.

What the course includes:
Lian Gong Qi gong
108 Tai chi (first part)

With advancement, students can learn the other parts of the 108 Tai chi form, weapon handling and forms, and applications of the techniques.

Teacher's Bio: http://kickact.org/ Jing Shifu dedicated a life time to the learning and teaching of Chinese Martial arts. Training with Jing Shifu is a unique experience because she exposes students to a wide range of highly effective martial arts styles and techniques. ​ Holding a bachelor in Chinese, she also offers a learned perspective and a deeper understanding of the cultural background of Chinese martial arts. ​ Jing Shifu has years of experience teaching children, adults, and seniors. Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science; ​Bachelor of Arts in Chinese language and culture; ​Master in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management.
Style of Offering : interactive, on Zoom or in person if you are in Portland
Max Number of Attendees: 15
Date and Time : Every Sunday 10-11 AM
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance