Introduction to Drawing: Understanding the Form

I will deliver to you the basic knowledge and skills necessary, along with applications so that you can represent any object in three-dimensions on a two dimensional surface. Once you have achieved this through the understanding of chiaroscuro, on basic shapes combined with a working perspective you will have the platform on which to launch your creative vision. To assist our quest will study some of the masters and look at how they achieved this is in their work. We will use photographs and our final project will be a master copy either figure or portrait. We will have a final exam to solidify our conceptual and technical knowledge.

Teacher's Bio: David holds an MFA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing from the Academy of Art University. He has been a lover of oil painting particularly expressionism. He has a love for Religious subjects such as was found in the Renaissance Masters. He has a Bachelor's Degree in the Humanities that provided the foundation in Art History and Religion that was later to shape his professional achievements.
Style of Offering : Online video call
Max Number of Attendees: 4
Date and Time : TBA
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance