Learn to Speak, Read, and Write Nepali- Large Group Sessions

Have you ever heard of Mt. Everest? or the Himalayas? Do you like Indian food? Do you like Chinese food? How about Buddhism, yoga, or tea? Do you like connecting with nature and living an easy going life focused on enjoying the moment? If you like any or all of these things, then you'll love Nepal and the Nepali Culture. The best way to experience the country and get a taste for the culture is through learning the Language. Adaptable to your level and desires, I can teach you what you want to know- from the basics of getting a taxi (and not getting ripped off) to having full blown conversations. Many people in the USA may live near or work with a Nepali person. Learning their language is the best way to connect with them and help foster good relationships.

Nepali is an amazing language and gives you exclusive access into wonderful world of Nepali culture. Located between India and China, the culture is an immensely diverse one with both Chinese and Indian influence.

I teach according to my students needs and what they want to learn. If you are unsure what you want to learn, I will start at the basics and go from there. 1 on 1 classes are the best for quick learning since I can put all my focus on you, but I also can teach groups for lower rates per person.

How it Works:

Classes will be virtual via Zoom or Google Meet. If you happen to live in the same City as me, I can offer in person classes (payment would still be through allfalfa)

A couple of days before I will email you what I plan to cover in the coming class.

Either way, each class will typically include the following:

1) Short Cultural info
2) Warm up (using things we know)
3) Review Homework, answer questions
3) Introduce a new concept
4) Practice the new concept together
5) stretch understanding and answer questions.
6) give a homework assignment

Some things you may learn how to do in the course:

1) Reading and pronunciation of Devanagari (Nepali is one of many languages written in this script. There are many more written in the same script such as Hindi, Sanskrit, and Marathi)

2) Nepali sentence structure

3) Simple sentences

3) Verb conjugations and the honorific system (verbs are conjugated differently depending on how polite you want to be)

4) Essential phrases and their pronunciation, such as greetings, introductions, and small talk

5) Other significant grammar, such as prepositions, adjectives, nouns, conjunctions etc.

6) "Survival" vocab and phrases such as how to rent a hotel, get a taxi, purchase food etc. Basically all the language you would need to "survive" in Nepal.

7) More advanced grammar including complex sentences, opinions, hopes, feelings, and more.

8) anything else that you want me to teach you!

This listing is for Large Group Sessions. Groups can be made from random students also interested in the session or a group of your choosing. Large groups are composed of 6-15+ students. Listed dates and times are potential options. Exact day, time, and frequency will be determined according to your schedule and desires. For discounted rates, ask about my course options!

Teacher's Bio: नमस्ते! My name is Jamon. I've been studying and speaking the Nepali language for over 5 years. I live in Columbus, Ohio, home of the highest population of Nepali speakers in the United States. For 3 months I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal and developed the language there. As any language learner knows, the learning never ends. But I have an excellent grasp on the grammar and pronunciation and am able to teach any one- beginners or current learners alike. I have tutored many others in language and I strive to adapt my lessons and teaching style to my students need. I am currently studying to be a Sociocultural Anthropologist and plan to live in Nepal again in the near future. I also have my TESOL certification, so I have lots of knowledge, know-how, and experience when it comes to teaching.
Style of Offering : My course is very adaptable for the individual students. I will teach according to your needs. As with any language, speaking the language in class will be frequent.
Max Number of Attendees: 30
Date and Time : Monday 5, 6 or 8pm EST, or Tuesday Monday 5, 6 or 8pm EST, or Wednesday Monday 5, 6 or 8pm EST and Saturday Mornings 9am, 10am, 11am EST, August 12, 2020-December 2020
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance