Jazz and blues guitar


I am a college graduate in Music and Neuroscience is looking to offer musical education in music theory, blues & jazz improvisation, through the study of guitar.

Look forward to connecting with you soon!

Current satisfied guitar student client:
" Ben is a wonderful guitar teacher and extremely patient. He is a very cool guy and knows his guitar very well. He has been volunteering his time teaching my daughter, who has physical challenges, guitar for many months now and he is very dedicated and really wants and helps her to learn guitar to the best of her abilities. He is a wonderful teacher teacher to have!!!

My daughter had never played guitar before. She is learning guitar from Ben. She is also learning piano from a professional teacher. A few says back someone asked her what is her favorite musical instrument and she said "guitar" without any hesitation. And if she goes somewhere and sees a guitar, she always asks if she can play it and plays it. So thank you very much Coach Ben for bringing out her guitar passion.

Thank you,
Anin (mom) "

Teacher's Bio: Hi! I am a neuroscientist by day and musician by night. I wish to promote the spirit of a jam session to my guitar instruction. That is, I look forward to teaching and enabling the student to feel comfortable as a jam partner, improvise and feel autonomy of their instrument.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Please see calendar.
Signup Deadline: None