Neuroscience of Psychedelics

Psychedelics, or more properly known as psychoplastogens in the scientific community, have become a poster child for social, economical, and scientific reform. In this course, we will learn about the chemistry, biochemistry, and future of this set of amazing adaptogenic molecules, and why they pose a great challenge and hold great potential for the future of medicine.

In the first session, we will begin by learning basic neuroanatomy and neurochemistry from course notes based from Stanford University. Having this background gives us an equal footing to dive into how psychedelics work.

Teacher's Bio: I am UC Santa Cruz graduate in Neuroscience and Music, researching the neuroimmunological interactions between chronic stress and personal wellbeing. I am also currently an avid jazz guitarist and teacher. I am passionate about the science of psychedelics because there are currently so many unknown questions that have yet to be answered. The current trajectory for psychedelics reaching mainstream public benefit is accelerating, with several laboratories and NPO's at the forefront. I hope to instill a sense of optimism and wonder through my course, in addition to enabling students to think about their own brain differently.
Style of Offering : Interactive via Zoom / Powerpoint.
Max Number of Attendees: 4
Signup Deadline: None