What is Art?

Do you need time for a creative outlet? Come explore art in a variety of forms and discuss the role it plays in our lives! I have found in my own life that art has been an incredibly valuable asset that I was lucky enough to grow up with. Whether you have found your creative outlet yet or not, I welcome you to join us in exploring what art is and how you can incorporate it into your life, or simply develop a form of artistic expression you already have. I encourage sharing, as well as spending time practicing your form of artistic expression or just experimenting to discover what fulfills your spirit. It is a great opportunity to fine tune what you are working on or to get inspired by others, both of which I personally love to spend time doing myself!

Teacher's Bio: Although I grew up with art, I also studied Visual Arts and Cinematography at Denver School of the Arts for 7 years, then pursued teaching which became my art form for 10 years, and more recently have also enjoyed my daughter's musical art and my husband's poetry.
Style of Offering : Practice, explore and share a variety of forms of artistic expression
Date and Time : Ongoing, 1x weekly, Suggestion: Saturday mornings, 8-10 am (or otherwise established), (except for the second half of December)
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance