Learn Indian Classical Vocals (Per Session)

  • Do you want to crack the secret to sing like the great Ustads and Pandits whom you always admire?

  • Is the math in Taal and maatras confusing you?

  • Have you been trying to reckon the notes hidden in an alaap?

Join us: one stop Destination to live your dream of singing your heart out

Feel the presence of divinity by living the essence of music!

Discovering and rediscovering the music within you could never be made easier. we aim to connect your aspiration to realization. By adding a tinge of strategy and innovation to the rich legacy style of learning that great Ustads and Pandits followed, we have designed a unique approach to train you right from scratch, give you practical knowledge of the raag and help you perform a full-fledged Hindustani classical piece.

So what do you get from us? Here are the perks of Learning from us.

Getting started:
This level encompasses the values and principles of the gharana and the tradition.
1. Introduction to the evolution of the Hindustani classical music, and some of the quintessential concepts to be known.
2. A clear understanding of Sur, taal, Swar Lagav and raag.
3. Tuning of the vocal cords along with breath control support.
4. Warming up with vocal exercises like gamaks, paltas, Alaap within the structure of raag .

Diving Deeper:
1. Introduction to Raagdari music
2. Mastering the raag with a khayal.
3. Exploring and improvising within the boundary of the raag.
4. Differentiating between the raags by understanding their unique characteristics and identity.
5. Presenting a complete Classical piece, which involves Bada Khayal, chota Khayal, tarana.
6. Awareness about the note (swar), rhythm, shruti, instrumental harmony, and other essentials.

About us-
We believe that everybody in this world who can 'speak' has the ability to 'sing' too. God has gifted this innate skill to everyone and with proper training and practice, this art is sure to be relished. A lot of people think music is not their cup of tea, and we are here making our tiny attempts to break this stereotype.

With us, students get an opportunity to learn Indian classical music as per the rich tradition of Gharana based gayaki which is considered to be the most effective way of learning music. The syllabus is designed and taught in accordance with the teaching-learning process followed by Pandits and Ustaads to pass on the divine knowledge of music to their shishyas .

We believe that music is a performing art and the only real certificate you can get is through daads and wah-wahs from your audiences.

We aim at grooming students and transforming them into performers of Hindustani Classical Music.

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Teacher's Bio: Harshad Kamble is one amongst the many who have a desire to become a good singer, they struggle, they fail and surge ahead in search of learning good music. Marched with an undying passion and an utmost sincerity towards Music, he began his journey with some false ideas about music in mind. But his accidental meeting with Pt. Arun Kashalkar, an exponent of Agra and Gwalior Gharana, and an artist par excellence was a turning point in his journey and he started learning classical music under his guidance in Mumbai. He grasped and explored many intricacies of the rich tradition of Hindustani Classical under the guidance of his Guru. And when he discovered the true essence of music, he consistently kept improving himself and shared the secrets of discovering music within oneself with the entire world. It is the very urge of helping people learn music and making our society a better place to live, that inspired him to take the initiative of teaching music and sharing his knowledge, thus spreading happiness and tranquillity.
Style of Offering : Live Classes via ZOOM
Max Number of Attendees: 5
Date and Time : Friday 8 AM to 9AM IST
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance