Let's Write Music!

Have you ever wondered how music is made?

Come and learn about the basics of music - scales and chords - and enjoy a group song-writing experience with pianist and composer Kate Moody. Fun and enlightening for ALL levels of musical experience! Class lasts about 75 minutes. For non-musicians and musicians.

Student Feedback:

"Kate led us through an interactive exercise where we as a group composed a piece by putting together a melody by choosing notes from a scale and then harmonizing the melody with chords. I was impressed by the amount of basic music theory she was able to introduce while keeping the actual process fairly simple. Kate’s presentation style was informal, fun, and engaging. Everyone attending participated regardless of musical background. The attendees who were least familiar with musical theory participated enthusiastically and seemed not only to be following the information but also thoroughly enjoying themselves."

Teacher's Bio: I was the girl who went straight to the piano to play if there was one in the room, whose mother never had to remind her to practice. I began writing songs in my teens, and music has been springing forth ever since. I find solace and inspiration in the natural world, with my students, and in the art of galleries and museums; I feel called to interpret and share those experiences as music. As a composer and performer, I aspire to Sahridaya: "Hridaya is heart. Sahridaya means same-hearted, or possessed of heart, or having the consent of the heart...Abhinavagupta (10th century Kashmir philosopher) says that the open audience has an elevated capacity for wonder: 'Indeed, when he hears sweet songs, when he is no longer content with staying in the middle and being indifferent, when a vibration starts in his heart, then it is called the power of bliss and this man becomes the same-hearted one.' This vibration in the heart is the aesthetic response. The heart of the artist opens, the audience opens, and both relish the experience. Then at that very moment, the same-hearted audience becomes one with the artist, and becomes as great.” -Swami Shankarananda, "Consciousness is Everything." As a music teacher, my goal is to support the unique spark in each individual while helping to develop his or her knowledge and enhancing their appreciation of music and musicians.
Style of Offering : Interactive - Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: unlimited
Date and Time : February 20, 2:00 Pacific
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance