Tea Spirituality for Everyone

Tea is medicine and philosophers have sought her healing for centuries. Drinking tea as a spiritual practice can offer you healing and clarity. These practices have helped me work through seasons of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, as well as self compassion and curiosity. Like many spiritual practices, tea spirituality can be presented with a lot of dogma and judgement. The intention of this course is to set you free to explore this spiritual practice without pretension. These sessions are designed to help you deepen your personal spiritual practice through tea preparation, tea ceremony, and increasing your curiosity about tea culture. Join me.

Teacher's Bio: I’ve been on my own tea journey for 10 years. During the most chaotic seasons of my life I have turned to tea leaves to connect me to nature and to myself. As my journey and practice has deepend, I taught countless others to do the same. This journey has prompted me to travel the world discovering teas, meeting with farmers, and learning about myself and the world around me.
Style of Offering : Small group or 1/1
Max Number of Attendees: 6
Date and Time : Every Monday 8am PST
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance