Learn to Rekindle Your Passion, Purpose and Soul

When you're in action, that action leads to results. If you're focused on getting results, then I want to be a champion for your growth!

Course Overview

This is an interactive and intensive course in personal growth, limited to 5 students a classroom and lasting 4 weeks.

Students schedule a free consultation with Pree to determine one area of their life that is preventing them from reaching their full potential. After that area is identified, students enter into a program of holistic growth centered around the practice and establishment of wholesome and productive habits to transcend stress and anxiety.

We discuss a wide range of themes from philosophy, self-reflection, to physical health. I bring my own insights, experience, and training to bear, yet I also take an individualized approach to help you reach your own version of a higher existence.

Course Length

The course structure is half an hour every day, M-F for 4 weeks straight. The timing is tailored to fit exactly during your “lunch hour”, so that you have constant support during the week.

The half-hour blocks are available in the following intervals:

11:00 AM CST - 11:30 AM CST (Monday - Friday)
11:30 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST (Monday - Friday)
12:00 PM CST - 12:30 PM CST (Monday - Friday)
12:30 PM CST - 01:00 PM CST (Monday - Friday)

Week 1 Focus: Daily implementation of gratitude and digital detoxing

Week 2 Focus: Daily implementation of diet, movement and meditation

Week 3 Focus: Daily implementation of self-love and self-compassion

Week 4 Focus: Maintenance plan, graduation, and video testimonials


Buy/Use an analog alarm clock
Buy/Use 2 brand new notebooks


All students will be assigned daily self-reflective homework to understand their thought, pattern and behavior recognition.

Once we identify this recognition we'll learn how to break free from the old way of being and unveil our new natural way of being.

Homework is to be submitted by 10:00 AM CST everyday.

Accountability/Coaching Calls and Group

Students will have access to unlimited accountability, coaching calls, as well as access to a private social network to share with a safe and nurturing community.

This course has the added value of an extra 2 months of coaching and accountability when a student completes 90% of the assigned coursework.

If you have any questions feel free to message me through this platform! :-)

Teacher's Bio: Pree is a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and meditation teacher. Throughout his teachings and program planning he learned that people learn best when people's diet, movement and mindfulness are all in synchronicity.
Style of Offering : Interactive, via Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: 30
Date and Time : 11 AM CST - 11:30 AM CST (Monday - Friday), 11:30 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST (Monday - Friday), 12 PM CST - 12:30 PM CST (Monday - Friday), 12:30 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST (Monday - Friday)
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance