Hatha Yoga (individual lesson)

Hatha yoga is one of the most common areas of the yoga tradition. It is from this point that one begins to get acquainted with this ancient system of teachings, which was founded many centuries, and even millennia ago. Not everyone knows that yoga is not just a set of physical exercises (asanas) aimed at maintaining and correcting health. Any yoga is primarily a spiritual practice, the goal of which is enlightenment, merging with the Higher, and the way to this is through self-knowledge. This, in turn, is achieved through the practice of the main stages of yoga.

Teacher's Bio: I am 35 years old and have been practicing yoga since 2008. I come from Siberia, hence my pseudonym Lelya Slavic Goddess of Spring (Lelya is the goddess of spring, who comes after the winter frosts to the sleeping earth and wakes it up with running streams of melted snow.). I am a certified international yoga teacher, teaching Hatha yoga since 2019. I conduct both individual and group classes. I also have experience working with children, taught kindergarten groups of children 3, 4 and 5 years. You can find some of my work in my Tik Tok https://www.tiktok.com/@lelya_yoga
Style of Offering : Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype
Max Number of Attendees: 1
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Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance