Personal Protection & Self-Defense

I teach 21st century self-defense. Today's society requires a modern-day approach on personal protection. I will be constructing realistic simple and effective techniques covering all areas, including:

  • Joint locking
  • Essential striking
  • Pressure pain points
  • Evasion techniques
  • Weapons disarming
  • Improvised weapons

I will also be answering WHAT IF questions for example: what if you are attacked from behind with a knife, what if you are attacked when seated from the front, what if you are grabbed in a certain manner, etc.

You get a effective answer each and every time. In addition to these life-saving techniques I will be offering essential conditioning training which is optional with no extra cost

Teacher's Bio: In 1981 I began my martial arts training in American ninjutsu I later trained in Okinawa Kenpo Karate, where I earned several certifications I continue intense training in American ninjutsu, a well-rounded martial arts system, where I trained in modern-day 21st century personal protection.
Style of Offering : Reality-based self-defense
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : Anytime
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance