Illustration: Empowerment During Dark Times

This is a free-style art class designed to help individuals express themselves during what many are experiencing as an existential crisis.

I encourage the use of myth, nature, humor, literature, and popular culture to support self-expression and in this class we will be using simple materials such as graphite, watercolor and ink.

Free-style refers to a process where by artists collaborate on ideas, make suggestions for content, and receive support in class with refining their work so they can fully express their experiences while increasing their skill set for creative self-expression.

Please refer to my website for more information about my work and the work of my students.

Teacher's Bio: I am an Art Centered Educational Therapist that specializes in creative therapies for gifted and exceptional children and adults. In addition, I have been doing freelance illustration, painting and photography for the last 25 years.
Style of Offering : Interactive, via Zoom. Collaborative, Supportive and Process Oriented.
Max Number of Attendees: 5
Date and Time : Mondays 4-6 pm