Mariah R. Embry

I am an author of ten novels, including bestsellers, Lands End, and Maid For You. I've taught for three years now. I love teaching and know it is my life's mission. Besides teaching and writing, I work as an intuitive empath and mentor people that need guidance. I am also a psychic medium and provide readings when I can (it takes a lot of energy out of me).

My purpose is to guide. Help people understand their journey in life and help people understand their awakening, who they are as a whole, not just what they believe themselves to be here in this existence. The lesson plans I create shows the mission (end goal) and the steps needed to achieve it. My overall purpose for teaching these courses is for people to feel centered in themselves. My goal is for people to be able to look at the world and understand where they fit within it and why. To connect people to their higher self, spirit guides, the world unseen so they can remember who they are and why they’re here.

Credentials & Qualifications: Associates in English and Literary arts, Bachelors in English, (In Progress) Masters in Psychology

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