Milena Raycheva

I immigrated to the USA when I was 23. Coming from a small town in a small European country, I have big dreams. I soon realized that my struggles as an ESL student are only the beginning on my educational journey. Fast-forward 12 years and I am proud to say that I am resilient and most importantly still curious. If you are too curious join me and we can learn together. The world is a wonderful place, and there is so much to explore. But first and for most, we must learn how to speak kindly to each other, how to listen mindfully, and to respond respectfully. For those of you out there, who just like me a few years ago, struggle with anxiety at the prospect of giving a speech, this is for you. For those of you who don't know how to articulate their insightful ideas, don't know how to effectively argue their points, this is for you. As a Teaching Associate of Communication Studies with a diverse history of working in the higher education industry I am here to offer you my rich and extensive experience. I am skilled in Research, Team Management, Counseling, Teaching and Self-care. I am an education professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Communication Studies from California State University-Northridge.

Credentials & Qualifications: Master of Arts (M.A.)

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