Philip Ingenito

Philip Ingenito is the Founder/CEO of the Parenting Institute. We create applied media psychology programs to advance community education and training. Currently, we wrote to the new CUNY Chancellor to allow us to submit grants to produce a six-part parent series for CUNY-TV. This parenting series was designed for the former VP of the NYC Board of Education. In 1993 we planned a parent conference for the Staten Island School District. The conference was hosted by journalist, John Stossel and featured Vincent J.Fontana,M.D and Lawrence Balter,Ph.D. The entire four-hour conference was filmed for future editing into our series. Our website is under construction. Our expertise is in media psychology and we were pioneers to spark educational programming. In 1985, Ingenito and his team were awarded a red-ribbon at the American Film Awards. The video, " How to Choose a Therapist" was voted " top 25" films by the American Library Association and went on a 32 nation city tour and distributed in Canada by the Canadian Learning Company. He is a Rankian psychotherapist with 40 years of clinical experience. For his Master's Degree he was mentored by Dr.Wayne Dyer who gained PBS fame for his lectures. Philip was supervised by Drs. Ernest Angel (NPAP) and Esther Menaker,Ph.D ( NYU Post. Doc.). He was Executive Director of Family Center for Mental Health,Inc and the Queens County Mental Health Society. He is honored to be in nomination for a national board member of Ignite Mental Health program at Harvard University.

Credentials & Qualifications: Pending NYS LMHC

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