tristan farzan

Freedom, in my case, manifested itself as a fusion of literature and travel. Leaving home at 16, I spent the following 20 years living and studying internationally. By the age of 37, I had lived in a dozen countries in close contact with the locals, eating their foods, speaking their tongues, and reading their literature. Writing, literature and photography to this day constitute the three pillars of my professional work. After a decade of institutional teaching abroad, I decided to leave the academic world for the real one. I wanted to teach and to learn outside the confines of academia. The concept of living creatively in the world and sharing ideas was something I had been developing and practicing for some time. In 1996 I launched Université Sur Roues (University On Wheels), composed of six-week workshops combining field practice (writing, literature, photography) and bicycling across Europe. I see online teaching as an extension of everything I have believed in and love to do: sharing my life-long enthusiasm and love for the art of words and images.

Credentials & Qualifications: Photography, Comparative Literature, Creative Writing

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