Youssef El Kaissy is a secondary school teacher. He has been teaching English as a foreign language for 10 years.Youssef is an active member in MATE, the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English . In 2012-2013,Youssef received the fulbright scholarship to teach Arabic langugae and culture at Loyola University in Chicago,USA.He also served as a cultural Ambassador on his own culture and region, He lectured at different universities and schools in Chicago on Moroccan cultural Aspects, North Africa, and the Moroccan-US relations.Youssef is a member of many national and international NGOs like MATE,IEARN,MORCE NET .Youssef joined the DGAP 18 New Faces Conference in 2012 in Tunisia where he presented on NGOS and educational projects in South Morocco. His main interest areas are Education, human rights and cross cultural dialogue.

Credentials & Qualifications: B.A in English Language and Lierature, TESOL Certificate, ARABIC teaching experience in US(fulbright scholar)

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