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The University of You

We believe that everyone has unique gifts to share with the world, that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. We can all inspire and be inspired. We are here to promote curiosity and personal discovery, and to unite the world through education.

Allfalfa was born of the idea that real life connection through learning is one of the most powerful ways to enrich the spirit, promote culture, and develop community. Therefore ALL of our offerings will be 100% LIVE - at first through video-conference - and in person once we make it through this crisis together. 

We operate under a "permanent pledge" of 10% of our profits to education and conservation initiatives around the world. We do our best to remain aloof from political alliances or creeds. 

Allfalfa was created by family - Brad, Callie, and Jared Walsh have believed from the start that challenging the body and mind, learning new things, and passing on knowledge are what form some of our best memories in life. Brad & Callie live together with their son in Jackson Hole, WY, and Jared lives with his fiancee in Princeton NJ.