Course Description

This will be a course for all levels of songwriters with four sessions. Each session will focus on a different topic or method related to songwriting and we will build your skills, inspiration, writing and performance skills. We will focus specifically on inspiration and the creative process, how to access these and how to write effectively. You will have the opportunity to share your work in class and receive feedback, if you desire.

Teacher's Bio: Lindsay Clark is a writer, teacher, and songwriter based in Portland, OR. She has released multiple albums, toured the US and Europe and performed with artists such as Alela Diane, The Lumineers, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Laura Gibson. Her most recent album Crystalline was released in 2018. Popmatters called the album "a rare exhibition of the weight that minimalism can bear in contemporary, reflective folk"
Style of Offering: Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Estudiantes: 10
Date and Time : Please contact teacher.
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance