Reconnecting to the Earth

I believe that learning as much as we can about our Place gives us a stake in how its experienced and treated. And when we know, we love, we care, and we connect.

Indigenous peoples around the world have always had a connection to the natural world in which they live. Their survival depended on an intimate knowledge of and respect for the local bioregion. Including, plants, weather, animals, soils, and water sources. Connection to and care for the Earth was caring for themselves.

As we entered into the era of the industrial revolution, it changed our basic survival needs which did not always include care for the Earth. We have become separated and isolated from this essential connection to our Place. We’re more mobile and rarely stay in one bioregion for years or decades, we have access to more information and connection but feel lonely and disconnected, and we turn to our devices for connection and knowing rather than elders or the Place we live. This course is about imagining a different future. This course is about the lived philosophy of our connection to the Earth.

This course consists of 4 virtual sessions of instruction and small group discussion about the Places we live and/or come from. Depending on class size, each session could last 1-1.5 hours.

Session one:
Introduction into the United States of Nature, understanding and expanding our sense and definition of Place

Session two:
Introduction to land ethics. Knowing your bioregion and mapping your place

Session three:
History of American connection of connection to land. Literature, philosophy, and history.

Session four:
Loving our wild places to death: practical ethical choices to limit impact on wild spaces

Reading, assignments and reflection, sharing, and nature exposure are required elements of each session.

Who should take this course:

  • Adults who are curious about and desiring a connection to themselves and the Place they live.

  • Learners who want to be challenged to consider their stake in their connection to Place

  • Those who desire or need structured Nature exposure

  • Learners who are interested in learning about practical ways to care for wild places beyond recycling

Teacher's Bio: I have been instructing outdoor adventures for kids and adults since 2001. I have a MA in adventure education and believe in the healing power of wild places. I've also experienced the lonely disconnection from the earth that many of us feel.
Style of Offering: Small group discussion or 1/1 session
Max Estudiantes: 4
Date and Time : Tuesday 9-7, Wednesday 1-7, Friday 9-7
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance