Japanese literature in translation

In this introductory course we get a taste of Japanese literature across several genres, from the fantastical to the detective story covering Meiji, Taishō & Showa periods, from the end of the shogunate as Japan emerges from long isolation to the post WWII era. Modern Japanese literature confronts a radically new Japan undergoing a maddeningly rapid change unlike anything seen in the West, with themes as wide ranging as guilt, obsession, eroticism, fidelity, decadence and the bizarre.

Teacher's Bio: Two critical factors that shaped my life happened to me at 16: these were independence and international living. The first was forced upon me while the second I chose as my mode of passage through life. By the age of 35, I had lived in a dozen countries and always in close contact with the locals, eating their foods and speaking their tongues. In all this time, writing, literature and photography formed the three pillars of my life. After studying and working at several universities abroad, I decided to leave the academic world for the real one. I wanted to teach and to learn outside the confines of academia. The concept of living creatively in the world and sharing ideas was something I had been developing and practicing for some time. I see online teaching as an extension of everything I have believed in and love to do.
Style of Offering: Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Estudiantes: 8
Date and Time : 6 Saturdays 10-12 a.m.; Oct. 17 - Nov. 21
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance