Beginners Step Workshop

Learn how to step with professional body percussionist Deatrice Jay. Stepping is an African American made dance form where you dance and make music with your body all at the same time! All ages and all levels welcome! Learn a fun new rhythm and dance you can share with your family and friends. Class includes a nice warmup, stepping basics, and a routine. Bring a towel and some water, lets have some fun!

Teacher's Bio: As a creative Deatrice Jeanette Clark has an obligation to share her talents with the world. Being a choreographer who specializes in body percussionist, she lives to inspire and motivate people to see their light and use it accordingly. Deatrice was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She received her BS in Human Development from the School of Education at Howard University. She began stepping with the Quad Step Team during her freshman year and her commitment to her craft has led her to become an international touring and teaching artist. From Canada to the Middle East, Europe and Southern Africa, she has been able to connect with people of all ages and all backgrounds. Deatrice is passionate about arts education as well as being a pioneer for the culture through step. She has been performing and teaching various step classes, camps and residencies internationally and domestically for 6 years.
Style of Offering: Step / Body Percussion
Max Estudiantes: 15
Date and Time : Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance