Arabic Language/Culture course (on line)

This course is designed for Beginner and intermediate learners of Arabic language and culture. During this course time, the four language skills, grammar, and vocabulary development will be all emphasized to reflect the progress and proficiency of the students. In addition, students will be introduced to more rich authentic materials to help build their reading, writing and speaking skills. The course will also shed light on some cultural aspects of the Arab world in general and Morocco in particular.

Teacher's Bio: Youssef El Kaissy is a secondary school teacher at the ministry of education in Morocco. He has been teaching English as a foreign language for 10 years. Youssef is an active member in MATE, the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English and he is the founding member of the local Association of teachers of English in Smara City, South Morocco. In 2012-2013,Youssef received the fulbright scholarship to teach Arabic langugae and culture at Loyola University in Chicago,USA. He lectured at different universities and schools in Chicago on Moroccan cultural Aspects, North Africa, and the Moroccan-US relations. Youssef is a member of many national and international NGOs like MATE,IEARN,MORCE NETYo. ussef joined the DGAP 18 New Faces Conference in 2012 in Tunisia where he presented on NGOS and educational projects in South Morocco. His main interest areas are Education, human rights and cross cultural dialogue.
Style of Offering: Virtual class through any on line accessible program offered by ALLFALFA
Max Estudiantes: 10
Date and Time : June 15- July 30 ( Each Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m (EST) )
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance