How to Love Yourself

This is a course to begin loving yourself from the inside out. Through our work together, my hope is for you to gain an understanding of self love not as a concept or a mental idea, but as an embodied feeling - something that you can truly let in. We will work with specific exercises and short meditations each week, supporting you in learning how to deeply love yourself.

Through cultivating self love, you will not only begin to feel better inside but will attract more love and abundance on the outside through friends, lovers, opportunities, money and other positive experiences.

Teacher's Bio: I am an artist, musician, teacher, and writer. I have also studied meditation in various forms, worked with coaches and studied self development and psychology for many years. I attended Berklee College of Music (BA) and am an active, performing musician and teacher.
Style of Offering: Encouraging, gentle, positive, relaxed. Interactive, via Zoom.
Max Attendance: 10
Date and Time : Sundays in June, 10-11 PST
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance