Bioregionalism--Since You're 'Stuck' in Your Own Backyard...

This is a course I have been teaching for a long time based on the principles of bioregionalism which the same thing as learning all you can about where you live--ecologically. Yeah, what we all take for granted. You can't learn about your local ecology if you're staring at a screen all the time so there are field trips, with or without me if you are not local. We start with your watershed, identifying which one you live in, we go to your dominant ecosystem types that will include identifying the dominant plants that define your ecosystem, next there is studying the fauna, birds, insects, you may dig a soil pit and do some soils observations. What public lands are nearest to you? Is there a conservation project you want to work on to save something where you live? I provide an assignment sheet/worksheets you need to fill out as you do these exercises. We get back online to discuss. This includes a mind-numbing number of online resources you can use for your research I will turn you on to. For people who truly participate, this class has changed their lives and it becomes a spiritual endeavor as much as exploration into your local natural heritage.

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Teacher's Bio: When I was an innocent eight years old, I went to school on a single new street that was on a giant farm that we roamed regularly till dark. It was our wonderland. We were as wild as the wild animals that roamed those open Ohio hills. When I got home from school that day, it had been destroyed. Nobody told us ours was the first street of what would become a sprawling, giant subdivision. I was changed forever. My heart was broken. I went on to get my B.S. in Field Biology and M.S. in Ecology from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Since, I have been a professional biologist/ecologist/educator for over three decades that includes working as former state and federal biologist (including some great years in Alaska), college instructor, to my work now as an ecopreneur. I have a passion for science/environmental education/ecological literacy. We have no time to waste.
Style of Offering: Online and offline.
Min Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : TBD
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance