Speaking Shakespeare

This class is designed to illuminate and expand your knowledge of Shakespeare's text. Whether you have never worked on Shakespeare, or whether you have all of Romeo & Juliet memorized, we will learn new ways of embodying his words.

During our lessons we will be working on a monologue chosen by the student. For the first half, we discuss the language and clarify any confusion. The most important step in speaking Shakespeare is understanding every word and phrase in the text, completely. After that, we will get the text on its feet and fully embody the words meaning and emotional landscape.

This class will get a monologue audition ready. Undoubtedly, you will leave this class with new insights into Shakespeare and new ways of understanding difficult or complex text.

Teacher's Bio: I have been studying Shakespeare for 18 years. I have acted in, directed, and text-coached almost every one of Shakespeare's plays. I have studied his work while getting a BA in English Literature, and I have studied his work through extensive theatrical training at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. I have a deep passion for teaching Shakespeare and have worked with students with a wide range of experience. I love working with students with no Shakespeare experience, because they always think the language is too difficult. However, after one session with me they realize that anyone can perform Shakespeare!
Style of Offering: One-on-One coaching session, via Zoom
Max Attendance: 1
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance