Joshua Spain

I’m Joshua Spain and I’m so excited about the possibility of working with you. It gives me great joy to contribute to a future where an unprocessed, plant-based, environmentally conscious diet prevails. My professional life and lifestyle have been inspired by a commitment to pioneering this new cuisine that shifts the focus to how food shapes our health and our relationship to the world around us.

I believe that a vegan, whole-foods, plant-based, organic, and unprocessed diet, while restrictive as it sounds, is actually a commitment to quality, my values, and food that keeps me feeling my best and healthiest. It’s fertile ground for creativity and the rewards speak for themselves.

I have years of experience cooking in professional settings from cooking for editorial food photoshoots, as the chef at a vegan, gluten-free, organic cafe, and co-founding Plant Fueled Passion a plant-based health-coaching service. Since going vegan, nourishing myself and others with the cleanest and the greenest food has become my passion. I aim to inspire others to commit to their own health and the wellbeing of our shared environment by adopting the same M.O.

I enjoy the art of making beautiful, healthful and vibrant food that people enjoy. Recipe development is a natural process for me and I’m always seeking the most flavorful, less-processed, and lower-waste way of doing things. I’m excited by the challenge of creating recipes that speak to the nostalgic nature of our pallets while giving us the peace of knowing that we’re doing what we can for our health and the health of the planet.

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This session was a mystery cooking class! Joshua gave me the list of ingredients and I had no idea what he was going to do with them! We created delicious salads and a dessert. Another enjoyable session! Thank you Joshua! Looking forward to the next one!

Virginia Walsh about listing Plant-Based Vegan Cooking 10 months ago.

Today we made delicious veggie burgers, refreshing watermelon salad and cookies.... all without added sugar or oil. Thank you Joshua, for another delightful cooking session!

Joshua's cooking class was fantastic! Be prepared to go out of your cooking "comfort zone" and explore new methods of food preparation without added fat or sugars. Joshua used a combination of ingredients to create delicious dishes. I feel like I have just scratched the surface and am looking forward to the next session. The personal one on one class is a game changer. ( You can't begin to compare it to a u-tube video.) Thank you, Joshua, for a job well done!