Transformation/Energy and Self-Healing Coach

Do you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with your current lifestyle? Feeling as though you aren't really where you want to be? Sounds like there's a need for a change in mindset! This class is a personalized coaching session that focuses on pinpointing conscious/subconscious ways of thinking and behaviors that could be preventing you from living in alignment with your heart desires! We will be working on rewriting the narrative of you life's story and finding tools and methods that work for you and bring balance as a foundation to creating a more authentic life!

Teacher's Bio: Etiange has been on her own self healing and transformation journey for 5 years now, using self education as a method to unravel and unlearn the habits and behaviors that kept her from creating a conscious life. She is now furthering her education by studying Ayurvedic Medicine at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.
Style of Offering : Guidance, Experience, Discovery
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance