Relationship coaching for breaking free from toxic people

This course is specific to those who are in toxic relationships and looking for guidance to help them let go and move on. These relationships are energy consuming and life sabotaging. Toxic people can be a friend, a colleague, a family member or a romantic partner.

In these sessions, we will focus on you rather than the other. We will look at the unconscious beliefs that brought you into such codependent relationships, shed light on them, transcend and reclaim your power. I’ll be your partner in your journey towards liberation, peace, love and harmony.

We’re going to learn about unconditional love versus conditional. I’m going to support you through different life situations and encourage you to choose yourself, make it a priority and go to a better place with your life.

There’re A LOT of beautiful things awaiting you to discover on the way. You’re going to experience a different way of being.

Teacher's Bio: Nayyirah Ali is a certified life coach specialized in relationships. Her research interests include happiness studies, positive psychology, energy healing, neuroscience, eastern philosophies and self love. Nayyirah has been helping people to break free from toxic relationships, love themselves and realize their worth and true potentials. She is very passionate about inspiring and bringing balance into her life and others’ through coaching and leadership.
Style of Offering : Zoom interactive sessions
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Flexible
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance