The Wonder of Creativity

Everyone is creative. And yet a persistent myth of our culture is that creativity is restricted to the privileged few, to those geniuses born with great artistic gifts. In this seminar, we will explore the true nature of creativity -- what it is, how it works, why it's universal, and what tends to happen to it after childhood if we do not continue to nourish it.

You will discover that creativity is integral not only to the arts, but to every field of human endeavor. You will begin to experience how everyone can tap into this natural force to problem solve, generate innovative ideas, and develop new ways of looking at things. As you begin to see the world with fresh eyes, you will build confidence in your own unique perspective. Ultimately, creativity isn't just about producing work, but rather about cultivating and trusting one's own original experience of the world. It's about thinking and living as only you can and freeing yourself from limiting conditioning, clichés and assumptions. Join us to discover the wonder of your own creativity, and unleash the power of your own genius!

Teacher's Bio: A former professor of literature and writing and a published author, I have been honored to win Excellence in Teaching awards at two universities, and my creative and scholarly work has appeared in such publications as Harvard Book Store’s Microchondria, Poetry Quarterly, and three consecutive times in Best Women’s Travel Writing. I am passionate about teaching in a wide range of disciplines from literature to philosophy to history to art history, and I approach all of my classes and tutorials with my trademark enthusiasm and humor. Although I have the expertise and experience that comes with a PhD, I can promise you I am no stuffy academic and will never make anyone sit through boring lectures. I believe people learn best when they are engaged, when they are lit up and having fun, and when they can see how the subject matter enriches their lives, and why it matters. In addition to my many years of experience in the classroom, I have worked individually with students and clients online for five years, earning nearly 170 perfect five star ratings! Please contact me for more information about how I can be of service, or read more about me at
Style of Offering : Lecture and workshop
Max Number of Attendees: 25
Date and Time : Please contact teacher.
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance