Connect & Glow Certified Instructor Training

Please note: The fee is for the course which includes curriculum for twenty-one days of self-study and two one-on-ones with Kate Moody. Certification is an additional $33 - register on separate course page. A custom course (with custom fee) can be created for a facility which would like training for two or more.

The Connect & Glow Vibrant Meditations are an outstanding tool for healing and recovery - a versatile modality, from Quick Glow for on-the-go moments, to deep immersion in Working With the Energy. The Connect & Glow Certified Instructor (CGCI) course is suitable for therapists, coaches, health professionals, yoga teachers, rehab heroes, and anyone who wishes to deepen their practice.

Rehabs: A meaningful part of the solution… What causes addictive behaviors? When we experience discomfort we want to change how we feel, and often turn to less-than-healthy methods to change our feelings. Connect & Glow offers a simple and meaningful approach which provides immediate relief, as well as ongoing, long-term healing. A regular Connect & Glow practice creates a reference point of inner connection, helping to release patterns created by inappropriate coping mechanisms, helping create a healthy lifestyle. Connect & Glow is a “gateway” meditation, opening the door to deeper life meaning and understanding.

Yoga Teachers: Incorporating Connect & Glow into yoga classes facilitates inner connection, aliveness, flow, and radiance. (A class demo incorporating asanas is available to CYTs upon CGCI certification.)

Therapists, Medical Professionals:  Connect & Glow is an easily accessible and effective tool for relaxation and well-being.

Prerequisite: attendance at one Connect & Glow course with Kate Moody.

Five minute demo of Connect the Dots, which is the opening of the Connect & Glow practice:

Teacher's Bio: As a musician with a sensitive attunement to energy I have found that all life experiences - joy,  adversity, stress, loss, success - can be powerful inspiration for personal growth. I developed the original Connect & Glow exercise, “Brain Glow,” in my search for healing from a profound depression in the early 2000s, and the practice has grown to be a tool for upliftment and vibrant aliveness.
Style of Offering : Interactive online course - through Zoom