Video Edition with Adobe Premiere

Learn how to work as a professional video editor & producer from the comfort of your home. Edit your own video footage and share your vision with the world.

Edit videos, edit multi camera footage, correct colors, organize scenes, sync audio, and add effects and text using Adobe Premiere.

This class is designed for 2 sessions, 3 hours per session, but individuals students or groups of coworkers can design a custom class adjusted for a specific project.

Requested materials: Laptop with Adobe Premiere.

1st Session:

  • Premiere Tools
  • Importing Videos
  • Premiere working space
  • Premiere Control Panel
  • Premiere Keyframes
  • Premiere Keyframes Animation
  • Edit Video

2nd Session:

  • Edit Color
  • Sync Audio
  • Edit Multi Camera Video
  • Add Text
  • Add Caption Text
  • Effects
  • Exporting HD
  • Exporting Web
Teacher's Bio: Patricio Jijon is a Brooklyn based painter, art producer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and animator. Jijon study in Quito Ecuador, Santiago de Chile and New York City the arts of graphic design, animation, photography, photo retouching, illustration, oil painting, water color, music production, video editing and video production. In NYC Jijon was part of different art studios and art residencies like 3rd Ward Studios, Space 776 Gallery, Flux Factory Studios, and the Experimental Sound Nights community.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 4
Date and Time : July 6, 3pm - 6pm