Tae Kwon Do

These lessons will be based on tae kwon do as a form of physical fitness and a martial art. Sessions will begin with stretching/warm-ups, followed by a workout and then individualized technical training. No materials necessary, just open space--if you do have anything (punching bag, pads and someone to hold, etc.) let me know and we'll work it in!

Teacher's Bio: My name is Patrick Elizalde and, among other things, I am a tae kwon do instructor. I have been practicing for 16 years and teaching children through adults for the past 7. I am a Kukkiwon-certified black belt and have been nationally competitive in sparring. About my philosophy: I believe care and empathy to be radical acts central to the way I try to live. tae kwon do, being a martial art, fits into this as a practice in physical fitness, mental discipline, and self-confidence. It is practical and graceful, a combination of strength and beauty. My goal is to help my students to realize both the strength they hold and their ability to bring beauty into the world.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Date and Time : Contact patricketkd@gmail.com
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance