Better Sleep, Better You

This workshop is designed to help individuals understand the importance and idiosyncrasies of sleep as it relates to their overall health and wellness.

Participants will learn about what happens in the body when it’s sleeping, the effects of sleep deprivation, the correlation between caffeine and sleep, and how nutrition, environment, and routine affect sleep.

Participants will also receive a handout on how to create a nightly routine that sets them up for better quality sleep, as well as be introduced to products and ideas that may help them on their journey to achieving better sleep.

Teacher's Bio: I am a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have spent close to two decades working in education, but was inspired to expand my breadth into the wellness field after working alongside my own health coach. In the time I worked with her, I learned how to truly invest in and care for my body and as a result I gained confidence, created better boundaries, lost weight, and found the foods that nourished my body. That journey was so transformational that I pursued certification so that I could help others on their personal wellness journey. Regardless if I am helping people through their educational process, or on their wellness journey, my approach is the same: meet individuals where they are at, help them see and celebrate their successes, and provide dependable support. My approach is open and non-judgemental, and honors how unique each person’s journey will be. I am passionate about wellness as I have experienced first-hand what happens when you start listening to your body and following its lead. Whether it’s weight loss, diet and/or lifestyle changes, or just wanting to improve upon overall health, I am ready to walk alongside you and serve as your guide.
Style of Offering : Online via Zoom, lecture-style presentation with the opportunity for participants to ask questions.
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : August 6, 2020 7:00 pm MST
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance