How to Play Dungeons and Dragons: A Primer

Learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons by actually playing it. This four hour course (1h per week x 4 weeks) is good for anyone who does not yet know how to play D & D 5e, great for adults as well as kids 10 or older. It is also a pre-requisite to taking my history D & D courses, for anyone who does not already play. We will build characters and then do a “dungeon crawl” which is also a history lesson.

We will learn how to make characters, types of problem solving and strategies used in the game and all of the resources needed for the game. No materials necessary – all will be online. It is however a great idea to open a free account online with D & D Beyond.

Teacher's Bio: Robert Daniel is a gifted professional educator with an exceptional twenty year long record of inspiring students and igniting fires of curiosity. He has graduate degrees in the fields of Education, History and Political Science from top universities and is the founder of Robert Daniel Learning Services. Robert designs and teaches extremely engaging courses for middle, high school and college aged students which are designed to trigger intellectual awakengs. Robert has taught in private high schools, served the home school community and has been an adjunct professor of numerous history courses at community colleges. Robert was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and has spent all of his adult life in America. He became an American citizen in 2016. Robert believes that these things are indispensible in education: 1) A balanced exploration of competing, alternative explanations for things rather than an agenda chosen and driven by the teacher; 2) Complete student self-direction; 3) The teacher should have an attitude that teacher and students are learning about the subject matter as partners. He is in awe of those researchers of human learning and development who have been the most thorough in their work. At the top of that list he places Dr. Maria Montessori.
Style of Offering : Interactive, via Zoom. Learning by playing, with direct instruction from your Dungeon Master, Robert
Max Number of Attendees: 10
Min Number of Attendees: 4
Date and Time : Wednesdays 2 - 3pm, August 5 through 26
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance