Intro to Character Development

Intro to Character Development is a class dedicated to the creation, writing and development of original characters. In this class, students will learn what makes a great character and how to create a compelling story for their OC and how to write for background characters as well.

Teacher's Bio: My name is Eiji and I am a Visual Artist who founded the MD LLC in 2015. It was started as a mobile teaching company to collaborate with local schools and universities on science, technology, and engineering or S.T.E.M. classes. In 2016, The MD LLC expanded their services to include art classes as well as continuing with S.T.E.M. classes throughout the Philadelphia area. It was also during this time that The MD LLC started offering classes in Creative Writing and Character Design. Since its founding, The MD LLC has provided lessons in S.T.E.A.M., specializing in Creative Writing, Character Design and Comic Illustration Layout for over 7 organizations, and over 3,000 students in the Philadelphia area.
Style of Offering : Zoom, Skype
Max Number of Attendees: 10
Min Number of Attendees: 2
Date and Time : Please contact teacher.
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance