Mushroom Cultivation

Learn how to cultivate mushrooms at home, utilizing low tech strategies that will enable you to subculture fungi and pasteurize substrate. This class will focus on oyster mushrooms (pleurotus ostreatus) and the wine capped agaricus (strophaira rugosoannulata) as a way to understand the needs and lifestyles of most cultivatable fungi.

Students will see lab-work done in the proper setting then learn how to get around the need for hepa filtration. They will also learn different strategies for cultivating straw loving and wood loving fungi. We will also discuss strategies for conditioning mushrooms to eat some persistent environmental toxins.

Teacher's Bio: Shawn Duncan has been a practicing mycologist for 25 years as a student, forager and teacher. He holds certification in cultivation and mycoremediation from Paul Stamets at fungi perfecti. Though his non profit called the Mycoguild he launched a campaign to create a patent pool for mycotehnologies as they pertained to remediation.
Style of Offering : Interactive - via Zoom.
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Min Number of Attendees: 5
Date and Time : 12/5/2020 12pm-5pm
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance