Future Self Vision Setting

Future Self Vision Setting

In this client favorite workshop, you will learn:

  • How to reset your brain and the limiting beliefs keeping you small.

  • How to create a future and self & business (or career) that is in accordance with your true values.

  • How to realign your self-worth.

  • How to get to the core of what you really want beneath the surface.

  • How to discover your Superpower

  • How to re-define your version of success and create an action plan to achieve it

Attendee Testimonials:

"I can't describe how powerful this experience was for me."

-Keziah Beall
Chief of Staff, Andie Swim

"This was a game changing guiding session with Jenna. I had so many aha moments and mind shifts."

-Rachel Doyon
Co-Founder, Collabaret

Teacher's Bio: Jenna is an entrepreneur and educator guiding women back to themselves and into their power.
Style of Offering : Zoom Video Call Group Workshop
Date and Time : Friday's @ 1 PM EST
Signup Deadline: None